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On the back of the mining boom it's finally cool to be a tradie again - and thank goodness because I can't think of anything worse than being a desk jockey! The trick to earning big dollars at the moment isn't having a fancy law degree - it's being good with your hands and able to to fix and maintain any industrial equipment. Everyday is a new challenge in this job, with new problems coming up all the time. You'll never get bored! This site has loads of tips and tricks on maintain common and uncommon industrial and mining equipment.

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Advantages & Applications of the Ezytube

Ezytube represents a range of special types of casings used by builders to create architectural columns. The casings help to make the construction of these otherwise complicated components easy. This is because they work to hold the bottom or top fed concrete mix in place while it is curing. Once it is completely cured, the casing is stripped away with special tapes, which reveals the concrete structure that meets the established parameters.

Ezytubes are available in a number of shapes to suit the various needs of the building and construction industry. They are either oval, rectangular, round or any other shape needed for the project that is being worked on presently. There are a number of advantages offered when these unique concrete forming tubes are used which can be found here.

A High Quality Finish

The concrete columns created with ezytubes offer superior structural integrity. They even provide the ability to mix the concrete with a special resin on the inside that ensures a smooth surface is created.

Easy to Use and Assemble

Due to their simply and effective construction design, the ezytubes are able to be assembled for the use of columns in almost any diameter or shape. They are also light, making them easy to take from place to place, while minimizing setup time and effort.

Extremely Versatile

Since these are available in a number of sizes and shapes, the construction and building industry can use them in virtually any project they are working on. Ezytubes are also easily adaptable, which means they can be adjoined to surfaces, such as decorative additions or column ends.

Several Applications

The material that makes up the ezytube is extremely resistant to water and to chemical damage. This makes it possible to use the produce in all types of construction scenarios, including sites that are chemically contaminated, as well as underwater construction projects.

The traditional metal, concrete or fiberglass casings that are used often result in uneven surfaces. With ezytube this is no longer an issue thanks to the resin that is found on the interior of the part. This ensures the concrete does not become adhered to the surface. In addition to providing even settling, the resin also provides a high-glass finish, which is more appealing to look at.

As you can see, there are countless options in regard to the use of ezytubes and the results they produce are higher quality than the other options that are available for use on the market today.