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On the back of the mining boom it's finally cool to be a tradie again - and thank goodness because I can't think of anything worse than being a desk jockey! The trick to earning big dollars at the moment isn't having a fancy law degree - it's being good with your hands and able to to fix and maintain any industrial equipment. Everyday is a new challenge in this job, with new problems coming up all the time. You'll never get bored! This site has loads of tips and tricks on maintain common and uncommon industrial and mining equipment.

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How to Prevent Documents From Being Damaged With Mailing Tubes

If you have important documents that you need to keep in good condition, you should know that mailing tubes can actually be used to help protect those documents from being damaged. These are a few tidbits of advice that you may want to remember if you want to prevent documents from being damaged with the help of mailing tubes.

Choose the Right Mailing Tubes

Keeping documents in just about any type of mailing tube is probably going to be better for protecting those documents than not storing them in any type of protective casing at all. However, some mailing tubes are more effective at protecting documents than others. For one thing, you'll probably want to choose mailing tubes that are big enough for your documents so that your documents don't have to be folded or otherwise damaged when they're being put in the tubes. Additionally, you'll probably want to choose higher-quality mailing tubes that can be more protective; for example, even though they cost a little bit more, plastic mailing tubes are more effective at protecting documents from getting wet than cardboard tubes are.

Roll Them Up Properly

In order to put your documents in your mailing tubes, you'll need to roll them up so that you can slide them into the tubes. Make sure that you roll your documents up very carefully and gently. You'll probably want to stack the pages on top of one another when dealing with multiple-page documents, and then, you'll need to roll those documents up into a cylinder shape that is slightly smaller than the size of the mailing tube. Once this has been done, you should make sure that you slide the rolled documents into the mailing tubes gently.

Keep Them in the Mailing Tubes

Because of the name, you might just assume that mailing tubes are used for mailing documents. It is true that mailing tubes are very popular for mailing documents of all different types, and if you do need to mail documents, then you will probably find that using mailing tubes is the most effective method for shipping. However, you should know that mailing tubes are actually quite handy for storing documents as well, even if you aren't planning on mailing them. Therefore, you should consider stocking up on mailing tubes to use for protecting documents, and if you receive important documents in the mail that have been shipped in a shipping tube, you may want to keep them in that same shipping tube.