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A trademan's life

On the back of the mining boom it's finally cool to be a tradie again - and thank goodness because I can't think of anything worse than being a desk jockey! The trick to earning big dollars at the moment isn't having a fancy law degree - it's being good with your hands and able to to fix and maintain any industrial equipment. Everyday is a new challenge in this job, with new problems coming up all the time. You'll never get bored! This site has loads of tips and tricks on maintain common and uncommon industrial and mining equipment.

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Three Suitable Materials for Plastic Product Display Fabrication

There are numerous benefits attached to choosing plastic for product display fabrication. The material is strong and resilient, so it is not vulnerable to easy damage through impact, moisture, and similar factors. Plastic products are also durable, so you will enjoy prolonged service. You will also have an easy time handling the fabricated items because they will be lightweight. Additionally, the cost of plastic is considerably low, especially when compared to alternative materials. Read More 

3 Tips for DIYers to Powder Coat Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Powder coating is an essential industrial process that entails the application of solvent-free paint on a surface such as MDF. The powder, which is mixed with binders, is applied on the surface of the MDF and then the board is baked at high temperatures to cure the paint. The cooling process that follows leaves a seamless finish, making MDF ideal for most commercial and residential projects. Powder coating is eco-friendly compared to other methods that use conventional liquid paint, which contains hazardous water and air pollutants that affect the ecosystem. Read More 

Your Complete Guide to the Air-operated Double Diaphragm Pump

Air-operated double diaphragm pumps are among the variety of displacement pumps available in the market. Just like its other counterparts, the pump relies on the displacement of air to create a vacuum or space that facilitates the flow of fluid from one point to another. If you are looking for a pump for your business or industrial applications, here is your complete guide to understanding the air-operated double diaphragm pump: Read More 

Common Questions People Ask About the Delivery of Storage Containers

Some homeowners may not be sure whether or not they can hire a storage container, such as a shipping container or a specially fabricated container. This is because such people may have several unanswered questions about the way the storage container will be delivered. This article discusses some of those common questions. Can the Container Be Placed Underneath an Overhead Cable? It is usually safer to avoid placing a storage container under an overhead cable. Read More 

What you should know about using plasterboard for home renovations

Plasterboard is a type of drywall where there is heavy paper on the inside and outside of the board, with plaster on the inside. It provides a variety of benefits, from stability to natural insulation properties. Here are some things to know about plasterboard to decide if it is a good option for your home. Plasterboard Is Excellent For Insulation If you need better insulation in your home, particularly for cutting out noise and reducing distractions, you should use plasterboard. Read More